"If our devotion is to the cause of humanity, we will be quickly defeated and broken-hearted, since we will often be confronted with a great deal of ingratitude from other people. But if we are motivated by our love for God, no amount of ingratitude will be able to hinder us from serving one another."
~Oswald Chambers

Friday, July 19, 2013

bad, bad ending

Why such sad and long faces you ask?
We lost 11 to zip.  Settled for 2nd place before the first pitch was ever tossed.
The boys never came out to play.  Not sure what happened that day, but I think they left their hearts in the car.  Next tourney is tomorrow through Friday.  We have, hopefully, flushed this mess of a game down the toilet and washed our hands.
I have confidence they will find their spirit, drive and determination and give their all in the Palmyra Tourney.  Prepare for battle boys - Let's go Hanna!!!
 Maybe the matchy "team" shirts messed with our team's mojo??
But it's a blessing and privilege to be amongst so many great families this season.
l to r: Danielle, Lisa and Me

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Linglestown Tourney Update

 We have been in the Linglestown tourney since Friday night, which rained and rained and was actually quite chilly.  Saturday through Tuesday's games however, have been played in temps soaring past 90 degrees.  Tonight will be no different.  The STBA 10U All Stars have made it to the championship game tonight at 6pm!
 Some of the mommas reppin' Hanna colors - black, white and red.
Me, Jennifer and Michelle
 As the boys took the field, the parents and fans cheered them on.
Is it me or does Titus look completely grown???
 Elijah on 1st
 Titus and coach
 Elijah coppin' a squat on a bucket of balls.
 Titus making a nice catch in the outfield for the 3rd out
 Pep talk
 Elijah at 2B
 Team talk
 Titus safe at 3rd
 Elijah made the play for the 3rd out
Lucas got a hit and send Drew home for the tie breaking win in the bottom of the 6th!
Whoop whoop!!  We made it to championship.
A couple nights ago, our local news affiliate abc27 came out for a story on the heat.
The featured our team on the 11pm news!  Here's the video abc27 news clip

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


 I recently found out that dear neighbors from my childhood are facing a battle in health.
Mr. and Mrs. Fern, Margaret and Wes have a special place in my heart.
We have so many great memories from Herblew Road.  In fact, too many to recall in just one visit.
 I have always lived life knowing it's precious.  It's short.  Take advantage of opportunities when you can.  People are important.  They matter more than things.  Invest in them.  Love them.  Cherish them.  My father taught me these truths.
Shawn and I and our boys stopped in to visit with them last Saturday before heading to a picnic at the McNally's. I am so glad we made the trip.  What a blessing to my soul to hug, laugh and cry with this family.  Through the years we have stayed in touch.  That's what you do with people who had a huge part in your life.  Wes and I spent many days, biking, building forts in woodsheds, snow, leaves, bushes and even living rooms, swimming, fighting, laughing, stitches and broken bones, playing board and card games, eating homemade pizza, grilled cheese, brownies, cheese and mustard sandwiches, iced tea, Charlie's Chips, vacations, drive-in movies and sleeping under the stars. Together our families have shared in new life, death, weddings, graduations and picnics. What a treasure those memories are to me and always will be.
We are praying for you all.
Praying that God would be the source of your peace, wisdom and strength.  We will be back soon.  Promise.
 We laugh as we embrace the sweet memories.
We cry as we face the unknowns of tomorrow.
But we can hope in the God of our future, who holds our tomorrows.  In Him, we place our trust.

Halifax Tourney - STBU 10U All Stars

June 28th-30th
This was the first tournament for the 10U STBA All Stars.  This post is for the grandmothers and my one friend who is NOT on Facebook with the initials, J.E.

Game 1 Fri night - (W) 7-4 v. Halifax
Storm clouds rolled in right after we got all set up.
Go Titus!!
Big brother watching on
First time ever, our boys are on the same team!
Titus for the play at first.  I think.  I dunno.  Sounds good.
Those storm clouds eventually let loose.
Elijah on the mound
 Game over!  Home to wash the mud off of everything we took to the field.  Ugh.

Game 2 Sat 4pm - (L) 4-5 v. E Town

I am so thankful that a mom pointed out this photo opportunity!
Drew was very serious about the eye black applications.
Missing a few team mates at the time of this capture.
It's bad lookin' bunch.  Don't mess with 'em.

While our boys worked their sticks, we feasted like kings and queens!
Our awesome team fans!
Game 3 Sat 6pm - (W) 10-0 v. Rebeuck

Look at these beauties!
 Proud mommas

Titus on the mound

 Good job, boys!

Game 4 Sun 12 noon - (L) 8-10 v. River League
 Ugh.  Tough loss.
 Michelle captured this sad moment when leaving the field.
Elijah, Logan and Titus

So, with food in tow, we headed to Fort Hunter to eat away our sorrows.

Next Tourney is in Linglestown, Koons Park
July 12th-15th